Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baking With Papa

Whoever has spent enough time with my family, would know that Sven, my father, is a great breakfast man but when it comes to anything else in the kitchen...let's just say that my Mom handles that part of the household :) Well, Papa writes me a few months ago and says that he's making some minor changes in his life, which includes giving the art of baking a shot. 

Did I hear right? Sven baking cakes!? Interesting :) I'm stoked about the idea and encourage him to keep me up to date about his baking adventures. Papa comments on my blog the other day and sends me through a recipe of an Apricot Cake he baked just recently. I read out the ingredients and just happened to have them all at home. I decided to give it a shot right away - give Sveni some feedback on what I thought about his little creation. 

The cake was good. Definitely the type of cake Sveni would enjoy...light and creamy with a hint of the German Cheesecake flavor. Those cheesecake flavors gave me the inspiration to share with you one of my yummiest recipes - A Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake, which will be coming soon...


Roberto said...

Pie review: Not bad, but needs to be Stella-rised to make it amazing!!!

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