Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where In The World Am I?

What a morning, what a week, what an adventure…

I wake up to perfect weather; The sun is shining and the wind is still. Up I go, out of bed and time for my morning run. A hard act to resist when it merely takes five minutes by foot from our house to the base of one of the most beautiful coastal drives in the world: Chapmans Peak Drive. Built in the early 1920’s, Chapmans Peak Drive cuts through steep mountain cliffs, connecting two magical towns. It is a majestic drive, quite breathtaking really and it is part of our very own backyard!

Now the question: Where in the world am I?...

The answer being: Noordhoek, South Africa! I may be biased but I can quite confidentially say that it is one of the most beautiful areas around Cape Town. Mountains painting the sky as a backdrop with large open fields flowing onto an immense, white sandy beach with the clearest and most turquoise water you have laid eyes on. It is an area where houses are scarce and where horses and cows still outnumber people living here. I get to enjoy this exact view every single day and not only do I get to love this place, I get to call it home!

Yes, that is right. Home. A few months back, my parents made the most amazing decision ever; To buy a beautiful property in this stunning part of the world. I am lucky enough to spend two weeks here with the rest of the family, changing a newly bought and empty house into a warm and comfortable KvB-style home. I am loving it!

Let us now shed some light on the background of this decision/move. Everyone asks the question: Why Cape Town, why South Africa? From 1992 to 1996 we lived in Mozambique as a family and spent many weekends and school vacations in South Africa. My younger brother, Elias, is born here and we all established a bond with this part of the world, which we get to re-kindle now. At the start of 2009, my two older brothers continued their studies at The University of Cape Town, which led to the whole family spending Easter vacation here earlier this year. Well, it turns out that a few extra pounds from all the yummy Easter egg chocolates wasn’t the only thing that resulted from our lovely Easter break. We just happened to stumble across a large ‘For Sale’ sign that just happened to stand in front of a magestic, white, and absolutely beautiful old dutch-style home, built in the 1820’s may I add. Mmmm…it does not hurt to ask, right? After all, curiosity is so important and such a healthy addition to everyone’s personality. And here we are a few months later. Our dream has turned into reality and we are still pinching ourselves every time we drive up to our new home. The fact that we own such a beauty and can call it our own is still quite surreal.

I decided to take two weeks to meet up with my family down here. They had no idea I was flying over from Australia to meet them and the reaction that resulted from my little surprise, ended up being the perfect start to a family vacation. The next two weeks would be a mix of minor house renovations, interior designing and decisions on what to buy, what to buy, what to buy. Oh how I love it! Searching in all places from markets to second hand furniture shops to walking into random stores as we drive down the street, we’ve managed to collect a mix of absolutely stunning furniture and accessories. The interior style we’re going for is a beachy, white, farm-style type of design and it suits the house perfectly! Fortunately, the whole family agrees to this type of look, which majorly decreases the amount of discussions and arguments. I can actually quite happily say that it has been nothing less than pleasant so far. We are all approaching the project with a proactive attitude and it's all coming together with such ease.

We’re planning to keep this newly acquired little home of ours and turn it into a welcoming family home where the KvB’s can gather in the coming years. Soon we’ll all be bringing home ‘Plus 1’s’ (and we all know what that leads to ;)), so we bought right when buying a property that has been used as a country guest lodge/bed and breakfast for the past years. Let’s just say that we are in no way short of space and this is being said by a family of seven! Rooms are plentiful, yet the house has a central, huge kitchen and a living room that will blow you away once it’s fully furnished. It is perfect and I think we’re all very much in love J.

These two weeks are the first time we get to enjoy our newly bought home as a family. We got right into it by buying a fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, blender, toaster, trampoline, mountain bike, skateboard?, and in addition to all kitchen utensils you can possibly imagine, we STILL managed to fill another two full trolleys of stuff all in the very first day and in the very same store! It was quite humorous really. Picture a family of seven entering a massive Macro supermarket (same as Cosco in the States or Cash & Carry in Oz, time three), with only 45 minutes before the store closing time. We literally went crazy! My mom and I were on speed and both have probably never made so many efficient and quick decisions in our lives. Yes, we need this, and that and definitely THAT and why not…that as well. And it continues J We all felt like we’d just run a marathon by the end of it. Definitely a lot of fun and filling up the kitchen and house with brand new appliances and goodies, oh what pleasure!

The rest of week number one has been filled with other home projects and we’re slowly working our way down a long ‘To-Do’ list. The list will definitely not be ending once these first two weeks are over but Christmas is around the corner and we are all gathering here once more. And so, the project continues…

Check around Christmas time and you might just find some newly posted KvB home pictures. Gradually it will all come together.


Roberto said...

Well I think you succeeded in making me a little jealous. Can't wait to explore it with you and the other amazing KvBs :)

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