Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Sweetest Cinnamon Buns...

Fun fact: Cinnamon rolls come from Sweden and the original name for them is Kanelbulle (Canelle is the French word for cinnamon).  The Swedish actually have a National Cinnamon Bun Day on October 4th! So make sure to enjoy a cinnamon roll that day, maybe you can even give this recipe a go J

Who doesn’t love cinnamon? The smell…the taste…it is simply delicious! I decided to try my first batch of cinnamon rolls ever and so far out of everything that I have baked, I can confidently say that this recipe was the most exciting.

Best part about it is being surprised by the extreme rise in the yeast dough after letting it sit for nearly 2 hours and then the smell when they bake…absolutely to die for!

Since I am living the student life-style for this year, I get to enjoy my Mondays off, which is such a treat! On one of my lovely Mondays, I got the inspiration to put on my apron and give this recipe a go. You definitely need time for this one. It involves many steps and long waiting times in between. And it is SO worth it in the end. 


Friday, April 23, 2010

German Baking round 2 and 3!

A couple posts back I concluded with a promise of trying a German apple crumble cake after having discovered the fantastic art of baking with fresh yeast!  I had definitely not forgotten this promise, I was simply waiting for my family to come join me in Cape Town over Easter so that I would have more keen Germans to bake for.

The second time around with this recipe, the cake turned out even better. The apples worked really well and the crumble on top is so good! I posted the recipe for the German plum cake here.  The basic recipe is the same, just use apples instead of plums and omit the creamy topping and replace this with the crumble mixture for which you need:

300gr cake flour

150gr sugar                      (Using your hands, mix together to form a crumble)
200gr butter (in cubes)

And since the lot just couldn’t get enough of the apple cake, I made another plum cake with crumble, which definitely turned out to be a favorite! Just whip up some fresh cream and life will be good!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Chocolate Caramel Birthday Treat

Another birthday in this house! This time the birthday cake came in the form of a chocolate/caramel cheesecake and it turned out beautifully!

Brandon, the birthday boy, was on a climbing trip for the weekend. He had announced that he’d be back Sunday afternoon so I spent the good first half of my Sunday in an apron in the kitchen. A wonderful place to be J The idea was to surprise Brandon with his birthday cake on the table that afternoon so that we could all enjoy it together that night. The house was full of 7 boys, my mom and myself and we were all very eager to have a taste of this scrumptious looking cake. 3pm and we were all looking forward to dessert already! 6pm rolls around…no Brandon yet. 7pm rolls around…still no Brandon so we decide to go ahead with dinner. 8…9pm and STILL no Brandon!!! My dad is bold enough to ask, ‘Can’t we just leave him a piece!?’ Unfortunately, that night we all went to bed without dessert. :( It turns out, Brandon decided to stay away an extra night so the cake was a big tease for nearly 2 full days! Needless to say, we were all ueber excited to taste it the following day and I can confidently say that everyone seemed pretty pleased with the result. J I may have heard the line…’Best cheesecake I have ever had!’

Craving some really creamy cheesecake? Follow this recipe and I can guarantee that you won’ be disappointed! I tweaked it a little bit but the original recipe you can find here. Happy baking! 

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