Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Chocolate Caramel Birthday Treat

Another birthday in this house! This time the birthday cake came in the form of a chocolate/caramel cheesecake and it turned out beautifully!

Brandon, the birthday boy, was on a climbing trip for the weekend. He had announced that he’d be back Sunday afternoon so I spent the good first half of my Sunday in an apron in the kitchen. A wonderful place to be J The idea was to surprise Brandon with his birthday cake on the table that afternoon so that we could all enjoy it together that night. The house was full of 7 boys, my mom and myself and we were all very eager to have a taste of this scrumptious looking cake. 3pm and we were all looking forward to dessert already! 6pm rolls around…no Brandon yet. 7pm rolls around…still no Brandon so we decide to go ahead with dinner. 8…9pm and STILL no Brandon!!! My dad is bold enough to ask, ‘Can’t we just leave him a piece!?’ Unfortunately, that night we all went to bed without dessert. :( It turns out, Brandon decided to stay away an extra night so the cake was a big tease for nearly 2 full days! Needless to say, we were all ueber excited to taste it the following day and I can confidently say that everyone seemed pretty pleased with the result. J I may have heard the line…’Best cheesecake I have ever had!’

Craving some really creamy cheesecake? Follow this recipe and I can guarantee that you won’ be disappointed! I tweaked it a little bit but the original recipe you can find here. Happy baking! 


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