Friday, April 23, 2010

German Baking round 2 and 3!

A couple posts back I concluded with a promise of trying a German apple crumble cake after having discovered the fantastic art of baking with fresh yeast!  I had definitely not forgotten this promise, I was simply waiting for my family to come join me in Cape Town over Easter so that I would have more keen Germans to bake for.

The second time around with this recipe, the cake turned out even better. The apples worked really well and the crumble on top is so good! I posted the recipe for the German plum cake here.  The basic recipe is the same, just use apples instead of plums and omit the creamy topping and replace this with the crumble mixture for which you need:

300gr cake flour

150gr sugar                      (Using your hands, mix together to form a crumble)
200gr butter (in cubes)

And since the lot just couldn’t get enough of the apple cake, I made another plum cake with crumble, which definitely turned out to be a favorite! Just whip up some fresh cream and life will be good!


Jane said...

hi stella, i love reading about your cake making. i have even saved some of the recipes for the day johnny retires and i have some people at home to bake for.
stay safe.
jane (jemma's mum)

Baked In Love said...

Jane! What a lovely surprise. So happy that you enjoy my recipes. Tell John to retire soon so that you can start baking, it is so much fun :) Hope you are well! x

Jane said...

next time i come to plett you should come and visit us. then you can teach me. we are all well. my father died last week so that was sad. jemma and jj came to his funeral in ireland but joey could not come. he is in madrid. the sun is shining here in waterloo today. its lovely. big hugs.

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