Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bienvenue en Belgique, Le Coeur d’Europe!

Having now entered the working world, my time for baking and finding great recipes has been cut drastically. By no means does that include my love and passion for baking, however; Both of those are still very much apparent.  Having recently moved from Cape Town to Brussels, I have obviously undergone some changes in lifestyle and I wanted to take the time to share with you a few new additions to my life as well as a few of many beauties I enjoy in Europe!

Bienvenue en Belgique, le Coeur d’europe! Welcome to Belgium, the heart of Europe! This is my new home and excitement is an understatement when I try to describe my feelings about my move to Europe. Many factors contribute to this excitement and it most definitely has nothing to do with a dislike for Cape Town. Anyone who has read any of my blogposts on Cape Town may realise how much of a fan I am of the city. I can quite confidently say that Noordhoek (a part of Cape Town) is one of my, if not THE, most favorite places in the world! I love the lifestyle, the nature, the good food; the list is endless. However, I place Cape Town and Brussels in different categories. Both have their beauties and being able to reside in Europe will open up endless doors to me; it is where I want to be at this point in my life. Such doors include travels to gorgeous cities, tastes of the most amazing food, a career, culture, history, family and roots, languages, German bread and Belgian Brioche :), Love, Love and more LOVE.

Two further factors that contribute to my excitement include two new additions in my life. Please say hello to Molly, my absolutely beautiful, brand new Kitchenaid!!! Molly deserves a blogpost dedicated to solely her (which she will receive shortly) as she will be the best little helper any baker can hope for (in keeping this blog alive with beautiful recipes).

My next little friend is called Coco. I don’t think I will ever get over how adorable and cute she is!

Molly and Coco give me so much happiness and although some may simply consider them as material goods; to me they take on a human form, develop personalities and, hence, have the ability to bring me such joy every single day!

La Coeur d’Europe. Belgium at the heart of Europe? Not a bad place to be I reckon. Europe is a wonderful place! I have only been here two weeks now, so every little thing is new and exciting to me. I can assure you that these bursts of excitement won't fade for me, however, as Europe is full of surprises, options, new places and foods to discover. I will not bore. Here are some beauties I would like to share with you - little, simple things that bring me joy and smiles.

Fresh Pasta at the local Sunday Market
Wandering through IKEA and getting inspiration for my dream kitchen!
IKEA Cinnamon Rolls
Endless amounts of amazing Bakeries
German Streusel Kuchen
German Mohn Stollen
My new Baking Spoons from Janine!

The reason for this post and one of my key mottos: Take the time to experience and enjoy all those little moments and beauties in life that make it so sweet! Do not overlook them, do not take them for granted. It is the small things in life that make a difference!

I want to leave you with a message I listened to on a podcast today, which touches upon what I just said. Click here to hear Neil Pasricha speak on The 3 A’s of Awesome: Attitude, Awareness, Authenticity…

Have the right Attitude – Stay positive and be resilient when life throws you a blow.
Be Aware – Embrace your inner 3-year old. Take in the world around you with an open heart and open eyes.
Be Authentic – Know who your are and be happy with yourself. Let your heart lead you!


Kristin said...

Hallo Stella,

ich bin zufällig über deinen Blog gestolpert und lese seit ein paar Monaten "still" mit. Ich selbst bin kein großer Bäcker oder Koch, aber deine Einträge sind immer mit so viel Liebe und positiver Stimmung gefüllt, dass du mir jedesmal ein Lächeln auf die Lippen zauberst, egal, wie es mir an dem Tag geht!

Reisen und Essen sind zwei Dinge, die ich liebe und dein Blog ist wirklich die perfekte Kombination.

Vielen Dank für deine tollen Einträge! Und ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg in deiner neuen Heimat!

AtlYankeeBelle said...

Stella! my mouth is watering! I am so jealous of Molly, I want one of my own so badly! Have a wonderful time back in belgium. I thinking of coming back to teach at STJ for a year or so :)

Baked In Love said...

Liebe Kristin,
Verrueckt wie solch eine kleine Message von jemanden den ich garnicht kenne, mich so froh machen kann! Vielen Dank das du die Zeit genommen hast Hallo zu sagen. Es macht mich wirklich unglaublich froh zu wissen das es doch wirklich ein par Leute gibt die meine Eintraege lesen. Reisen ist was wunderbares, es ist schoen zu hoeren das andere die Liebe fuers Reisen nachvollziehen koennen. ich hoffe dein Jahr ist voller neuen Erlebnissen. Ich war vor ein par Monaten in Buenos Aires und habe mir jetzt schon die ganze Zeit vorgenommen drueber zu schreiben und kam einfach noch nicht dazu...bald :) Habe auch eine Facebook page: Bakedinlove. Keep well Kristin und nochmals, Danke fuer deine liebe Message.

Baked In Love said...

Molly is a dream, make sure you save up and get one! You'll love it :) And teaching at STJ is a great idea. My younger brothers are there and I stop by quite a lot. So many good memories!

Kristin said...


schön, dass ich dir eine kleine Freude machen konnte :)

Ich hab den Blog bei Facebook gefunden, danke, für den Hinweis! "Gefällt mir" ist gedrückt :)

Ich freue mich schon sehr auf deinen Bericht über Buenos Aires. Ich hoffe, dass ich es dieses Jahr auch mal wieder weiter hinaus in die Welt schaffe, aber ansonsten werden es auf jeden Fall einige Kurztrips in Europa werden. Ich bin mal gespannt, welche Tipps du noch für uns hast.

[mary] said...

Cinnamon rolls!!! :-)

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