Monday, February 14, 2011

Say hello to Molly

Cute. Practical. Efficient. Stylish. PINK. Who else could it beeeee but Mollyyyyy!

Although I may physically live in just one world, so many different worlds make up my perception of life, my personality, my being. Not just one world defines who I am - I definitely live in a world of traveling dreams, my world of fantasies, my world of work, my world of running, my world of family...and ultimately I try to extract the best of all worlds, whilst equally finding a balance between them all. One of these worlds is the baking world. I love entering it as it clears my head, makes me happy and usually results in something that smells and tastes amazing! After having been a proud owner of Molly for at least a month now, I have been able to try her out for a few different recipes and I say with full confidence that Molly is the best thing that could have happened to me in my ‘baking world’. Good bye to the hand-held mixer, where one has to stand by the bowl for five  minutes at a time and HELLO to being able to walk around the kitchen and do multiple things WHILST the batter is being beaten - I love the fact that I can let Molly do her own thing. So very convenient J

I went to explore Brussels last weekend and stumbled across an amazing baking store in town. It has absolutely everything (even a few gorgeous Molly look-a-likes), so the upcoming, odd visit will be in order!

Instead of putting up a new recipe today, this post is meant to introduce my lovely new friend in the kitchen and I will instead post a few pictures of my recent creations, with which MOLLY has helped me with – creations to which you can already find the wonderful recipes in amongst my current collection.

Since today is Valentines Day, Molly has asked me to bake some special Valentine cupcakes. I used my yummy cupcake recipe, some pretty, red cupcake holders and some amazing-smelling cherries to increase the SWEETNESS for Valentines Day.

Molly also helped me with my famous Banana Bread, which is always a winner in the family whenever it lands on the kitchen table. I have not yet shared the recipe as it is quite special and dear to me but I do give it out if someone comes to me with a special request and smile ;)

And although Molly did not help me with my favorite Apple Cake (as the recipe does not require an electrical mixer) – it really is just SO good – Molly was happy for me to include a picture.

And finally…the cheesecake that always turns out like a dream! I made some chocolate ganache icing for this one, finished off with malteser balls to add a bit of crunchiness.

So thank you Molly for helping me whip up these lovely creations. I can’t wait to flip through plenty of more recipe books and internet blogs sites with you by my side!


Robster said...

Oh Molly, you are beautiful, and hopefully you find the time to make some tasty ravioli or even some fancy homemade ice-cream with your different attachments. X

Meg said...

Hi Stella!
I found your blog via facebook a few months ago and I just had to comment on your mixer. I have a red one of the same make and model and I love her! She is named Myrtle (Myrtle the Mixer). I have been meaning to try some of your recipes, and hopefully I'll find time soon! I hope you're having fun being back in Belgium! I sure miss life there. Iowa is pretty boring in comparison! Take care!
Meghan McMurray Currens

Baked In Love said...

Meghan, so nice to hear from you! Myrtle, that is sweet. I'm sure Molly and Myrtle would get along very well :) They are really great friends to have in the kitchen! I am loving being back in Belgium, it is a great place to call home. Looking forward to spring time! I hope you do find some time to try a recipe of two. The apple cake is a keeper as well as the ueber moist banana cake. Keep well, Stella

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