Saturday, June 18, 2011

California Dreaming...

For anyone that has not had the chance to travel to California, you may have a sense of curiosity, anticipation, wonder for the place…

There certainly has been for me, for a long time, and so I finally took the chance to satisfy my desire to see the place and turn my California dreaming into a reality…

Brussels to San Francisco

Glamour, sunshine, comfort, arts, happiness, lifestyle, fitness - What an eclectic bunch of people that make up California. This variety appears to be quite fitting when you realise the changing Californian coastline from North to South.
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco. We were lucky enough to discover San Francisco in perfect weather condition on foot and by bicycle, which allowed me to conclude - What an absolute beauty of a city! Light blue skies and dark blue water…green rolling hills in the background, set against the bright red Golden Gate Bridge. One is surrounded by absolutely breathtaking views, which seem to be endless from all corners of the city. San Francisco is a city that may leave you with the feeling of envy as it seems to offer it all. A city so many people dream of being able to call HOME.

Grab some great Italian pizza at Beretta (Get the Eggplant Caponatina as a starter. It is simply TDF!!!), some lovely pastries at Tartine Bakery and some fresh Vietnamese food at The Slanted Door. Make sure to book ahead for a Sunday Brunch at Lime Bar. Find all your shops by Union Square, jog or stroll through the Botanical Gardens. DEFINITELY rent a bicycle and have fun!

Tartine Bakery
Big Sur. You think Californian coastline and you may think flat, wide, open beaches with a promenade and Baywatch-style lifeguard posts. This is true for the southern Cali coastline (LA Region). What one may not always expect, however, is the boasting beauty of the Big Sur coastal stretch further north. A stretch of about 170 kms of rolling hills, cliffs, deserted beaches, dense forests, wildlife…a beautiful part of the world and a must see when visiting California.

Big Sur
There are too many adorable, quaint towns where you stumble across fresh farmers markets and cute shops (see Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterrey, San Luis del Obispo, Santa Barbara…). Make sure to grab a pretzel from Carmel’s Bakery – sweet or salty – they are ueber yummy!

Los Angeles. LA is glamour pure if you want it. You can find stunning restaurants that satisfy all culinary desires (try The Chaya in Venice Beach – stunning food combinations! I wanted to try it all). Take the time to explore the beach promenade through Santa Monica, Venice Beach…Manhattan Beach. What a fun stretch of beach to jog, ride your bike or, if you are brave and spirited enough, throw on those rollerblades. An eclectic and crazy bunch of individuals populate that area by day and night – it is by far one of THE best places I have seen to date for people watching.

California Dreaming. Do dreams really do come true there? I will be able to say next time…



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