Saturday, March 24, 2012

Paris…You Make My Eyes Sparkle

I have been lucky enough to explore Paris on several occasions recently and fall more in love with this city every time I visit.

My eyes cannot stop wandering whilst I walk the streets. Paris with its endless beautiful buildings with the most intricate detail. 

My eyes sparkle…

Crepe stands, corner cafes, book stores, galleries, tiny streets, wide boulevards, cozy apartments, majestic palaces, museums, endless museums and a LOVE for food, fashion and life.  

Paris. Je t’aime.

Not sure if my life will ever take me to Paris to live but I will most definitely jump at every opportunity to explore further corners of the city…to go Mmmmhhh for the food, to go Ahhhhhhh at the architecture and to fall more in love step by step, twinkle by twinkle. 

Here are my tips on Paris so far: 
  • La Boussole Restaurant – A feast of flavours. Truly amazing food and wonderful service. In a lively area where you have abundant after-dinner drink opportunities.
  • La Maison Kayser – A Parisien Patisserie with THE best baguettes. The chocolate chip cookies are equally as ridiculous
  • St. Germain by night – Young, hip and lively. People-watch, catch up and have fun! The church of St. Germain is beautiful (on a side note).
  • Latin Quarter – I must admit that I had a blonde moment and thought this would be the Latino district with a lot of salsa dancing when I booked my hotel room for one of my visits. Wake up moment came when it clicked and I realized it was the ‘Latin’ Quarter – as in the Latin LANGUAGE. Great place to stay for travelers, easily accessible by Metro and close to enough pubs, bars and nightlife.  
  • Notre Dame/ Champs Elysees/ The Louvre – Do all of these. Do all of these twice, and three times. Not underrated by any means.

  • The Eiffel Tower - Go by day. Go by night. Watch it light up and sparkle. So romantic!
  • Route between Eiffel Tower and St. Germain – I ran this one morning and ran past beautiful Embassy buildings, corner shops, cafes, parks…a beautiful route.

  • Rue Cler – Want a local weekend morning experience in Paris. Then go down to Rue Cler on a weekend morning and enjoy a espresso at one of the cafes before grabbing some traditional cheese and other market goodies from the local producers. A small street, which gives you a taste for Le Vrai Paris…
  • Marais – A fun district, one of the oldest in Paris and home to great shopping. A good choice for hotels as it is a great location to reach all main sites of Paris.
  • Banks of the Seine River (Close to Notre Dame) – If you are into running, make sure to throw on your sneakers and go for a run along the banks of the Seine River. In the summer time, grab a picnic, a bottle of wine and some friends to laze on the banks of the Seine. You’ll even find dancing in some areas on weekend summer evenings.
  • Montmatre – A beautiful view of Paris on a clear, sunny day.
  • Pigalle – Pigalle is turning around and becoming a trendier neighborhood. It is known for its multitude of sex shops and got its nickname "Pig Alley" from British soldiers during the Second World War. Check it out and definitely check out Chloe's cupcake shop. A treat (literally) in itself. 

These are not my sketches but I loved them as they capture some of Paris’ beauty and culture through watercolours and pencil sketches. 

Audrey Hepburn put it right when she said…”Paris is ALWAYS a good idea.” I cannot agree more.

A bientot Paris…


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