Meet Stella

Meet Stella
Enjoy the small things in life. Endulge. Love.

Stella is my name and I'm here to share a bit of myself. Some label me as a bit of an international/global baby as I'm 'made in Germany' but have spent the majority of my life traveling and on the move. Having lived in nine different countries with my 26 years of age, I've had the chance to open my eyes to so many beauties of this world, learn languages and meet amazing people. I make sure to go through life with curiosity and a positive attitude, never missing a day where I don’t find at least a dozen reasons to smile.

My message to you: Take the time to experience and enjoy all those little moments and beauties in life that make it so sweet! Do not overlook them, do not take them for granted. It is the small things in life that make a difference!

Meet Baked In Love
The secret ingredient of every single one of my recipes is LOVE.

This blog is for the young, for the old. For the novice, for the rookie. For the passionate, for the curious. For the love of baking. Baking is something special as every cake, cookie or cupcake has a story. You bake because you want to bake, not because you have to. You bake to share and you bake to celebrate. The recipes you'll find are built on simplicity and warmth. They let you create your own story and are ultimately Baked.In.Love.

Baking lets me create, lets me play. It lets me be surprised. 
It lets me learn.  
I smile. I taste. I share. They love.

My Recipe for Life...


2 cups of LOVE

A whole lot of FREEDOM
 1 tablespoon of CURIOSITY
1 cup of LIVING LIFE
6 ounces of TRAVEL
A pinch of ENDULGING
2 tablespoons of SENSES
1 teaspoon of NATURE
300 grams of HAPPINESS
Or the equivalent...JOY

A dash of EMOTION

 4 sticks of FRIENDSHIP
1 cup of MIND
3 pints of PEACE
And a whole lots of BALANCE

Mix them all together until the batter is smooth.
Bake for an hour.
Taste the sweetness of LIFE.

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